Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. is a National and International Investigative Agency specializing in in-depth research and the provision of detailed background information on individuals, business entities and extends such research, where necessary, into seeking to determine business relationships.

Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. has evolved to research, acquire and deliver the information and intelligence necessary to allow corporate management to mitigate all manner of risks, to include but not be restricted to, theft, fraud and any act of malfeasance, whether perpetrated from without or within a given corporate infrastructure.

We use our acknowledged expertise in the discipline of specialist research and analysis; coupled with tasking the ever-changing and evolving technology resources available, to investigate, assess and answer critical business questions.

With offices in St. Louis, Florida and affiliated offices worldwide, Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. relies on the integrity and proven track of professional associates, consultants, researchers, specialists and confidential resources and like assets in both the national and international theater of operations.

With affiliated offices worldwide, we are licensed, bonded and insured to attend to your needs, whether across the country or across the globe.  We can be any place within 72 hours to begin your mission!