GIC has an established national and international reputation of excellence in providing bodyguard services for executives, celebrities, and dignitaries.  Our experienced teams offer many years of bodyguard experience, whether traveling across a city, a country or across the globe.

We provide a broad range of distinctive protection services, personally tailored to meet the individual clients requirements. These services include but are not limited to the following:

Threat & Risk Assessment

Traveling abroad has basic security risks for anyone.  However, when sending your key executive and leaders abroad, this risk increases as this group of executives become prime targets for global organizations for purposes of collecting funds in exchange for their safe return home. Working with corporations to establish executive security when traveling abroad is one of our key competencies and safety abroad should be the #1 concern of corporations today.

Corporate security using advance teams prior to travel either at home and abroad requires preparations weeks in advance. Surveillance and site assessment as well as lock down procedures are needed to ensure business as usual abroad for corporate executives and notable leaders. Utilizing the latest in technology, GIC will discharge its advance team to the required destination and work with local, trusted sources to provide the safest means of travel and stay possible. Through intelligence gathering, physical sweeps, and planning, GIC will ensure that safety and security measures for your executives abroad are established and followed.

It is important for any corporation to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Assessing and planning the needed security for your company requires professionals and experts in the security field. Our skilled team includes and is selected from from various Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Agencies. We understand the importance of safety for our clients when traveling and our agents are carefully chosen to handle the complex issues that confront our clients.

While overall protection is important, it is equally important to ensure safety during travel. Whether via automobile, bus, limo, plane, or by sea, the GIC will assess your protection needs and establish a plan so that you arrive safely at your desired destination.

Yacht and Maritime Security

Our team of agents has specialized experience in operating security details in the maritime sector globally. Providing safe sea-bound travel for commercial vessels and private yachts, GIC can assist in assessing potential threats with focused intelligence; in planning for all travel; in training of the crew; in investing in due diligence; in providing security teams; and in responding to crisis should it occur.

Travel Advisory

Whether utilizing our services or not, GIC always recommends that prior to traveling abroad it is important to educate yourself for any government issued travel advisories.  The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) was established in the 1980s by the Department of State to protect US citizens while traveling outside of our borders whether for business or personal pleasure.  We recommend that you always review any issued advisories prior to travel.  Click here to learn more about current travel advisories.

  • Residential and Estate Security                       
  • Event Security (private functions)
  • Coordination of all Travel and Logistical Requirements
  • Asset Protection