With any murder investigation time is everything. GIC’s experienced staff will act quickly to ensure the most thorough investigation possible. Our professional staff includes highly trained personnel with years of field experience, and will give the investigation the respect and attention to detail that it deserves. Homicides are sensitive matters for those involved. GIC will quickly assemble the appropriate team for your murder investigation, nationally and internationally.

Most murder investigations are not as cleanly solvable as many assume. While law enforcement officials and police detectives utilize many resources to define motive, to identify suspects, and to understand the unfortunate situation, some times these resources are limited for various reasons. At GIC, our trained investigators have worked independently and in conjunction with law enforcement officials in an effort to make certain justice is served.

Many times, the professional investigators are hired by the families of the victims to assist when the cases have turned cold. Our focus is delivering closure in these tragic happenings and support our clients throughout the entire case. Our reach for murder investigation is not limited within the domestic United States, as our investigators have lead and supported international murder investigations with one focus in mind, delivering for our clients.

Carthage, Missouri Double Homicide Investigation and Arrest – with his previous firm, Mike Barbieri, PhD, worked with family members and the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department to assist in this investigation, which resulted in the identification and arrests of 2 men. Click here to view the article archive.

Nicaragua murder suspect found and arrested by Mike Barbieri and his team.