Forensic Expert

Mr. Sedano has utilized a large number of forensic tools on a wide variety of cases and possesses natural inclination “to figure things out” has resulted in a passion for electronics including but not limited to electronic counter surveillance, bug detection, vehicle sweeps, phone analysis as well as computer analysis/forensics. Mr. Sedano is a licensed in Missouri as a Private Investigator (#2010016566).


Webster University in St. Louis 1987-1989
Washington University in St. Louis 1983-1987

  • Languages – Basic, Dbase, Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, Fox, Clipper, DataFlex, Access, etc.
  • Platforms – DOS, Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95/3.1/7/8/10, Netware 6/5/4/3,
    Server 2016/2012/2010/2008/2003/2000/NT, Linux, Unix, etc.
  • Concepts – Networking, Operating Systems, Analysis, Programming, Servers, Internet, Email, Forensic tools, etc.
  • Novell Authorized Reseller 1990 – 2000
  • Intel Independent Product Dealer 1990 – 2017
  • AMD Technology Partner 2002-2017
  • Worked as a custom programmer 1983-1987
  • Founded PC Systems of Mo, Inc 1987
  • Maintains retail / service location 1989 – present
  • Continued service and programming
  • Maintains networks/email/web servers for numerous clients