People of all ages, genders, and races turn up missing … everyday, every hour, almost every minute! Adults, children, adolescents, and elders can be targets of kidnapping for ransom or some type of personal satisfaction /fulfillment. Intentionally missing or not, there will always be the question of why did this happen to my friend, family member, loved one, debtor, or acquaintance. Missing person cases are unique, time is typically not in your favor, as the longer the investigation begins from when a person is suspected missing, the farther from finding that person you will be. At GIC, we understand that proper protocol is followed by law enforcement officials; however, after a certain duration of time, the resources allocated to this search wane. And this is where one of our experts can assist with the investigation and most importantly, returning a missing person to you. At GIC, we specialize in this type of investigation, including kidnappings, kidnappings for ransom, and returning missing children.

GIC is a member of the International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators

Our agents work exclusively on only your case until it is solved. Nothing can be worse than the thought of a friend or loved one being taken against their will. However, there are individuals everywhere that have a blatant disregard for everything except their personal fulfillment and will unlawfully seize and detain an individual (or group of individuals), usually for ransom. At GIC, we understand the time sensitivity of kidnapping and have the ability to be anywhere worldwide within 48-60 hours. Our highly trained team consists of former military and law enforcement individuals whose training has prepared them to take action both nationally or internationally with the goal of returning those kidnapped safely to their loved ones.

“Report Missing Children Immediately – Every Moment Counts.”
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)

According to the OJJDP, a child goes missing every 41 seconds, or over 2,100 missing children per day. At this rate, just under 800,000 children are reported missing each year. In our digital world today, it is very easy for these predators to learn about you, your children, your daily routines, etc., as the power of sharing information socially online is part of many daily routines, thus making it easier to know about children, their activities, this likes, their dislikes, etc. Children go missing for numerous reasons, both voluntary and involuntary. A primary reason is that your child has monetary value or can fulfill a dark need, such as sexual activity or trafficking. Additionally, more often than not, parental kidnapping occurs as a means to hurt the other parent or family members.

“Every Moment Counts”, which is why it is important to contact Local, State and Federal Law enforcement agencies within the first 24 hours. If your child has not been located within 24-48 hours, contact GIC, as our private investigators also have numerous national and international resources that may prove to be extremely helpful.

When it comes to Missing Children and Kidnappings, keep in mind these key points:

  • When a child is confirmed missing, time is not on your side. Typically physical harm, possibly death, may occur within the first three hours, according to research. A quick response directly relates to the return of a child (alive) when taken by non-family abductors.
  • If intent of the abduction is sexual assault, understand that it will not be a one time occurrence during the “missing” period. Rapid response and capture is necessary to try avoid as much harm as possible.
  • Professional, private investigation firms should be considered in conjunction with law enforcement agencies to try and return your child.