We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.

- Sir Winston S. Churchill

It is with this quote in mind that GIC has successfully been providing corporate security services so that our clients can “sleep safely at night“.  From our interpretation, “sleep safely at night” means that your leaders and employees can perform their daily tasks worry-free from any unrelated security threat.  Their ability to “sleeping safely” is a direct result of GIC doing its job.  As your partner for security, our team stands ready to secure your premises and to provide safety to your employees whether on campus or abroad.

Protecting your staff and assets should not be taxing your executive team, leave it to the professionals at GIC. Corporate security using a professional strategy and protocol allows for safety within your office as well as throughout your campus. Our team will access your needs and/or any threats and then establish your security details. From parking and building entry to internal / external threats, our security experts will identify any potential breaches and work to eliminate any threats so that all employees feel safe and secure while doing their jobs. 

When it comes to employee disputes, emotions can stir and situations may spiral out of control to a full out strike. During these times, protection of your property, assets and non-striking employees should be top of mind; however, these measures should be planned for in advance as an effort to minimize any disruptions to your daily business. With only a couple days notice, GIC can assemble and begin implementing established protocols. Our team will provide executive security, campus surveillance, and non-striking employee protection, as well as support your company needs during these potentially violent situations. Our team can:


Secure your facilities:

  • Protect Executives (on campus, in travel and at their residence to protect their families)
  • Implement additional surveillance protocols
  • Monitor all facilities with closed circuit television and video 24 hours a day
  • Mobilized additional security forces within 48-60 hours.
  • Transport management personnel (buses, limos, planes, etc.)