Information, and its intelligent analysis and application, is considered the core essential for all business success! For corporations, information should be considered their most valuable asset, both in terms of protecting their own resources, and acquiring that which will best assist in facilitating their ability in making the most informed business decisions.

Global Intelligence Consultants researches, acquires and develops the information and intelligence necessary to allow corporate management to mitigate all manner of risks, to include but not be restricted to, theft, fraud and any act of malfeasance, whether perpetrated from without or within a given corporate infrastructure.

We use our acknowledged expertise in the discipline of specialist research and analysis; coupled with tasking the ever-changing and evolving technology resources available, to investigate, assess and answer critical business questions.

We meet with our clients to fully discuss and investigate the issues and concerns of a project under review. This initial interaction is critical to the success of a given project. We thereafter establish the objectives and together, compose a strategic plan for resolution, adopting the role of a constant liaison resource to our client during the process.

We specialize in conducting detailed commercial investigations, identifying inconsistencies in information supplied and, in the process, uncovering any information that could potentially either enhance or conversely damage a business interest, asset or existing relationship.  Our main focus is to obtain the information necessary to assist our clients in their decision making processing. Whether the focus is executive or employee hiring, employee theft or fraud, acquisition or mergers, or any like business related legal issue, our established protocols have been proven to be effective.

The acquisition and application of Investigative Intelligence facilitates ones ability to comprehend, to understand and profit from the experience.  Intelligence is often defined as the general ability to learn and apply knowledge, sufficient to allow the positive manipulation of a given environment, as well as the ability to reason with meaningful and advised purpose and effect.

Intelligence also relates to the ability to receive and analyze information with currency and relevance; the evaluating and understanding of such information, and to thereafter accurately interpret data; applying it appropriately to any current plans, decisions and/or the actions and intent of those with whom a business relationship is being contemplated.

In this ever-evolving era of technology, we recognize that to seek to produce the best results we are professionally obligated to constantly seek out and apply such resources to good and positive effect, to maximize on the results on behalf of our clients.  By constantly seeking and developing access to data from many and varied global resources, coupled with our knowledge in examining and exploiting social networking and Internet web-driven research facilities the world over; supplementing those electronic skills by the application of the more traditional interviewing techniques and direct interaction, we believe we have achieved a level of expertise beyond compare.  Every case dedicated to our care is properly considered unique and is treated accordingly.
At GIC we believe that the initial stage of the case is vital in the building of a focused foundation for the entire investigation process that will ensue. By interacting closely with our clients we seek to acquire as much understanding and information about the subject matter as can possibly be gleaned, to facilitate our ability to focus specifically on the project objectives. Where information exists, we expect to acquire and impart it for the benefit of our client’s decision making requirements.