Due Diligence & Background Investigations

Private individuals, corporations, and executive search firms regularly task GIC to conduct due diligence on businesses, their executives and potential new hires for the purpose of identifying: inconsistent information, past irregular/improper conduct, history of criminal or litigious behavior, professional license sanctions, or any other piece of information that could potentially damage a business interest, assets, or an employer’s relationship with clients or other assets. As crucial information such as criminal and litigation records are not uniformly housed in any national database, GIC conducts national and international, on-site jurisdictional searches for this information using a team of expert document retrieval personnel. At your direction, GIC will conduct such services based upon your specific needs.

GIC will generate a comprehensive written profile of each subject by obtaining and analyzing the following information, including, but not limited to:

  • Criminal Records History (County, State, Federal)
  • Litigation History (National)
  • Civil Judgments
  • Compilation of previous address history
  • Motor Vehicle History
  • Credit History
  • Mortgage/Property Records
  • Tax Lien and Bankruptcy Records
  • Professional License and Certification History
  • UCC Filing Records
  • Corporate Records
  • Press History
  • Comprehensive Resume Verification
  • Interviews with previous employers, colleagues and other confidential industry sources (if warranted)

Business Relationship Profiling

By employing a multitude of legally acceptable techniques, GIC provides clients with professional assessment of available and acquired background information on individuals and businesses.

In seeking to verify the integrity and stability of businesses entities and their principals, GIC develops a comprehensive background profile; providing personal, financial, and professional information to assist detailed strategic client decision-making processing, working towards ensuring confidence and integrity in the overall team effort.

Background Investigations & Research

This disciplines entails, but is not restricted to, the development of:

  • Asset Verification and Location
  • Expert Witness Acquisition
  • Local, National & International Records Retrieval
  • Due-diligence Investigations & Research
  • Security Audits and Risk Assessments
  • Security Consulting, Risk Assessment, Crisis Management, Travel and Special Events Security are available through the expertise aligned with Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc.

Global Intelligence Consultants operates on a National and International basis.