When civil matters occur, it is the responsibility of each party to properly prepare to defend its position whether going to trial or trying to settle outside of court.  Civil cases are disputes between two parties where one party or both parties failed to fulfill an agreement, service, or uphold their legal obligation.  At GIC, our investigative team works on our clients behalf to assist in the collection of evidence and assessment of wrongdoing in order to prepare our clients and their legal team.

Our services assist include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Injury investigations – review how an injury occurred from the personal side or illustrate how protocol or bad decision was made by an employee from the corporate site.
  • Worker’ Compensation Investigation – work to uncover or prevent insurance fraud.
  • Missing Person Investigations (Nationally and Internationally) – evaluate all variables and information about people who have gone missing.
  • Child Custody and Abuse Investigations – reveal potential negligence or endangerment.
  • Domestic Infidelity Investigations – uncover domestic abuse or capture evidence of a cheating spouse.