Hiring a new employee? Embarking on a business endeavor with a new partner? Employing a new Nanny in your home? These are major decisions that should not be made without performing the proper due diligence for engaging in these types of relationships.

A professional background check can assist in the decision-making process by offering deep insight into the background of a person with whom you plan involvement. As well, the background check will uncover qualifications and other related information that may include a history of their past dealings, their integrity or their past associations, which could place a negative light upon their character. At GIC, we offer detailed background checks by using the latest investigation tactics and the most current information databases available.

During the hiring process, it may be necessary to grasp a deeper understanding of the prospective hire, more than what is learned from an interview or than what was written upon an application. Pre-employment screening has evolved into an everyday, best practice for many companies. It is the responsibility of the employer to take necessary steps to try and identify deceitful job candidates who may lie about their credentials or their previous employment record, which may become a liability and a potential insurance risk. GIC professionals work closely with our clients to conduct background searches to ensure the information is accurate and legitimate.

Adding a new partner into your company or uncertain about the criminal history of an acquaintance? It is a scary world and there unfortunately are many deceitful folks awaiting their next victim. That is why GIC invests deep research for our clients and uses the latest technologies to extract background information and to uncover any questionable activities. Our goal is to provide the detailed information for our clients to help them make stronger decisions, of which a criminal background check may be necessary.

While only a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, our goal is to keep those “bad apples” away from our clients. In today’s fast-paced life, many utilize the services of a nanny or personal assistant to stay on top of the many directions one must travel on any given day. The convenience of hiring personal help is desirable, but can also be a disaster if you welcome the wrong character into your life and home. At GIC, we want you to feel safe and worry-free knowing that those you employ for personal services have been professional screened and have a favorable background.

With today’s digital lifestyle, many avenues of adventure now exist with the click of a button. The growth of social media, texting, messaging, etc. have proven to offer lines of communication that can evolve into unhealthy environments and relationships. At GIC, our computer forensic experts have the ability to recover data from hard drives, to extract information and online activity, to trace and record online chats, to view web sites visited, etc. As the rich of the internet is vast, online investigations are becoming necessary when concerns arise of unethical behavior.

  • We are Licensed Private Investigators, not just a database research company.
  • Our background checks are performed by investigators skilled in personnel interaction.
  • Tell us in confidence about your concerns, and we focus on what you know and care
    about the most.
  • We provide detailed reports and evaluations of our findings.
  • If you find that you need more than just a background check, and as we are a full service private detective agency, we are well able to bring the full assets, energy and passion of our agency facilities and services, with both national and international resources and assets, to work for you