In our growing digital age, the use of technology for communication, transaction, and relationships continues to advance. Traditionally, computers were the primary source of wrongdoings; however, as processing power continues to grow with mobile devices, the availability of access continues to entice many no matter if they are in their homes, en route to or from work, or really anywhere in the world.

Smartphones offer an outlet where image sharing, messaging, and “snapping” information are common, everyday activities; however, this has also created a false impression to many that this information disappears. These “smart” devices have encouraged inappropriate or criminal acts from the tap of a screen, but this data is not lost once it “leaves your device”. Forensic specialists are able to resurrect deleted data, call logs, image use, that occurred with a smartphone or cellular device.

At GIC, our digital forensic experts are here to help you. Computer forensics involves traditional and digital investigations through analysis of hardware, devices, and software. Our experts work with our clients and our partner law firms to support domestic and criminal cases whereas a wrongdoing has occurred through the use of a computer, tablet or mobile device / smartphone. Our specialists employ a variety of applications to extract data that resides on a hard drive, as well as recover deleted, encrypted, or damaged files. Additionally, our agents will provide support by offering testimony during trials of their discoveries and further explain their findings on your behalf.