National & International Senior Investigator

Dr. Barbieri offers 30 years of experience in law enforcement and in the investigative field. His expertise includes but is not limited to:


  • National and International Murder Investigations. He has successfully solved 6 cold case murders, 2 of which took place in the foreign countries of Nicaragua and Honduras.
  • Assigned to Kidnapping Cases both Domestic and Foreign Countries for corporations and individuals.
  • Certified Executive Protection Expert and has conducted Executive Protection for corporations and individuals in over 30 countries.
  • Has conducted investigations related to Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation Case, and Domestic Investigations worldwide.
  • Graduated from the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Police Academy, Dr. Barbieri has worked with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and as an investigator with local law enforcement.
  • Associated with and performed investigations for numerous National and International governmental agencies and has received additional training from such entities as the FBI, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Bolivian Secret Police, Nicaragua National Military police, Honduran Military Police, Brazilian Military Police, Mexican Military Police, Vietnamese Division of Investigation, Chinese Secret Police, U.S. Department of Defense, DIA, DEA, and U.S. Military.
  • Performed Executive Protection for Father Zakari Botros wanted by the Taliban with a 60-million-dollar bounty on his head. Botros was an Egyptian Coptic priest driven out of Egypt for his Christian beliefs and who converted 3 million Muslims to Christianity. Dr. Barbieri was given this assignment by the US Secret Service and recommended by the FBI, when Botros’ chief of security requested someone to escort Botros while in the US.
  • Received the Inspector General’s award in Recognition for Excellence on an assignment regarding Scott Air Force base personnel.
  • Dr. Barbieri has successfully conducted numerous investigations of all types in 20 countries.
  • In 2009 at the request of DOD arrive in Bagdad for special operations assignment with the US military.
  • Dr. Barbieri is and has been a professional news contributor to Fox News, CBS, NBC, CNN Canada, AM and FM radio regarding numerous security questions and current issues, including but not limited to terrorism.  His expertise is sought after by news agencies through the world.
  • Dr. Barbieri is a Licensed Investigator in the State of Missouri, #2010009141.