7 Things to Check in Your Cabin Before a Cruise

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Here’s What You Need to Do Immediately After Checking into Your Cabin Before a Cruise

You dreamed of being on a cruise for a long time, and now that it’s finally happening, you’re ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. But you need to know that behind all the glitz and glamour, being on a cruise ship also has its risks, so it pays to be extra vigilant from the moment you step on board until you disembark after your trip. Not everyone has a private detective on call, after all. The first step to doing that is by checking your cabin once you check in. Here are seven tips that you can follow:

Make sure that your door locks work properly.

Burglaries are nothing new in cruise ships since you’ll be with thousands of strangers in one place. And since your cabin will be your home for the entire trip, you need to make sure that your door locks are working properly. If you’re having problems with the lock or you think that the door itself is defective, report to the front desk right away and demand to have it sorted before you leave for the cruise. If you feel that the cabin itself is unsafe, you can request to be transferred to another room.

Check if the light switch requires your keycard.

This is now the standard for most modern cruise ships, and it means that only you can access your cabin. If you can turn your light switch on without the need for a keycard, there’s also a good chance that your door can be accessed without it.

Assess if the cabin is neat and clean.

Whether you’re paying for the most basic cabin or the most expensive one, you deserve to stay in a clean room that will allow you to feel comfortable during your stay. Once you arrive in your cabin, make sure to check if it’s thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, if the beddings are new, if the bathroom is cleaned, and if everything is properly organized.

Check every inch of your cabin including the bed and beddings.

Aside from making sure that your cabin is thoroughly cleaned, take the opportunity to check every inch of the room, especially the bed and beddings to make sure that nothing is hidden under them. You should also check for cameras and other equipment that might be concealed somewhere in your room, which is nothing new in some cruise ships. Play private detective and make sure that your cabin is not bugged in any way. Or you can hire an actual private detective who can do a background check on the cruise you’re going to be joining and how safe it is.

Test your outlets.

Cameras are known to be concealed in some outlets and you can’t afford for someone else to invade your privacy during your cruise. So, make sure to check every outlet in your room to see if they’re functional. If an outlet is not working or you think it’s questionable, you can report the matter to front desk or find ways to cover that outlet. This is also why it’d be useful to have the help of a private detective since you’d know where to start looking.

Disinfect the TV remote and wash the utensils provided.

How much your cabin has been cleaned and sanitized, only housekeeping knows. So, if you want to be extra safe, it’s best to disinfect things that previous guests in your cabin have held quite a lot including the TV remote or telephone. It’s also smart to wash the utensils provided in your room just for added safety. You don’t want to suffer from stomach flu while at sea, after all.

Place all your valuables in the safe.

Even if your door locks are working fine, you still can’t be too complacent. This is why most cabins in cruise ships are fitted with safes where you can put valuables like passports, gadgets and money. Bring only what you need for a day trip or going around the cruise ship and leave other things in the safe to make sure that you don’t lose anything.

So, are you ready to hop on your first cruise? Follow these tips from Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. to always make sure that you’re safe. Another alternative would be to hire your own private detective to do these tasks for you so don’t hesitate to contact us and a private detective will be ready to help you!