Efrat Cohen, SPI Member Profile

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The President and COO of Global Intelligence Consultants, Efrat Cohen, is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, a State Licensed Private Investigator (L.P.I) in Florida, as well as in New Jersey and New York, where she operates as such under the auspices of the licenses held by British American Consultants, Inc., for which entity she is the Executive Vice President. She is certified in the Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation and manages and oversees all services provided to her clients.

Specializing in Corporate Investigations, Background Intelligence Gathering, Social Networking Research and Asset Investigations; Efrat provides fraud investigative expertise to Special Investigation Units (SIU) within and throughout the insurance industry.

An Israeli citizen, Efrat was born with a fine tuning of intuitive investigative skills, supplemented by bi-lingual capabilities, which is a recognized asset to all international investigative fields of endeavor. Efrat serves as Chairperson of the John Jay Committee and on the Ethics and Grievance Committee for the Society of Professional Investigators, in which professional organization she hopes to participate to good and purposeful effect for its future success.

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