Man carjacked by 3 suspects Wednesday morning in Webster Groves

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By: Alli Hebel, Brent Solomon, KSDK News
August 16, 2023

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WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. — A warning from personal safety experts — re-think what you do if someone bumps into your car because it’s a growing trend for criminals to take advantage of you when you least expect it. Several crimes in the St. Louis region Wednesday currently have police searching for those responsible.

The crime spree began at 6 Wednesday morning when a construction worker was walking in a parking lot near Duncan and Boyle Avenues and masked criminals in a stolen white Hyundai demanded his wallet and cell phone. He gave them over.

“If somebody is holding a gun on you, the best idea is to give them what they need because you don’t want to get into an argument with the guy who’s holding a gun on you because you might get shot. What are you getting shot for, your wallet, your watch? Come on,” Dr. Michael Barbieri, a personal safety expert, said.

Less than two hours later, police in Webster Groves said someone driving a white Hyundai bumped into a black Dodge Caravan. The driver of the Caravan got out and three male suspects got out of the Hyundai. One of them pointed a gun at the victim’s head. That’s when they ditched the stolen car and stole the Caravan.

“It’s happening all over the country,” Barbieri said, adding that the “hit-and-steal” is becoming a trend.

“Your instincts tell you to automatically get out of the car right? Don’t do it,” Barbieri said.

Because criminals are getting crafty, he said we have to re-think what we do when someone hits our car.

“The new way of thinking is – if you get out, someone’s going to steal your car … [if] you walk back to the back of the car to see how bad the damage is … there’s no damage. These guys don’t want to wreck the car. They want to steal it … if you’re in the car, you want to lock the doors, call 911. If the guy doesn’t see you get out the car, the probability of him driving away is going to be extremely high,” he said.

The white Hyundai was reported stolen out of St. Louis City. Investigators with Washington University police said they believe the people involved in the robbery on Duncan Avenue are currently riding around in that black Dodge Caravan. The vehicle has a Missouri license plate that bears NF8-G8B.