Learn More About the Officers of Global Intelligence

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Who Are The Officers of Global Intelligence Consultants?

Perhaps you suspect that your spouse is cheating, and you want to hire a detective to confirm your suspicions. Or maybe you’re hiring additional staff for your business, and you need help with the employee background check process. Either way, Global Intelligence Consultants should be your first port of call! We are a trusted company that offers world-class security, intelligence, and investigation services, and we lend a helping hand to everyone from residential property owners to large multinational companies.

Our specialists have gone through intensive training and have years of experience in their respective fields. However, even the best of the best need leaders: people who have the skills to push employees toward greatness and deliver the best possible results to customers. Here at Global Intelligence Consultants, we are fortunate to have such leaders in our team, and we have listed them below.

Efrat K. Cohen

Efrat is a licensed professional investigator, a certified identity theft risk management specialist, and a litigation support specialist and consultant. She studied Law and Political Science at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and she specializes in corporate and asset investigations, background intelligence gathering, and social networking research. She manages our surveillance operations, particularly covert and under-cover operations.

David P. Roberts

David is an expert in national and international surveillance and has years of experience in insurance fraud investigations, particularly for workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and general liability insurance. He has developed many security and investigative companies over the years and administered personal protective programs for foreign diplomats, royal family members, and high-profile entertainers.

Michael Barbieri

Michael graduated from the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Police Academy and has worked with both local and federal law enforcement as well as international governmental agencies. He has been assigned to kidnapping and murder cases both here and abroad, and he has handled investigations on workers’ compensation cases, insurance fraud, and more. He has also provided executive protection for numerous corporations and individuals including high-profile personalities.

Wade Blackwell

With more than 20 years of experience, Wade specializes in both tenant and building security and offers top-notch protective services for corporate and high-end residential properties as well as aviation and transportation facilities. He provides our clients with integrating lobby attendant solutions and personnel and helps them improve their asset management and property management efforts with the use of modern software platforms that are effective and reliable.

Charles (Chuck) S. Sedano

Mr. Sedano is a licensed private investigator in Missouri, and he uses a wide range of forensic tools to solve various cases in a fast and efficient way. He possessed a natural talent and inclination to figure out how things work and took it to another level by specializing in electronics and becoming an expert in phone analysis, computer forensics, vehicle sweeps, bug detection, electronic counter surveillance, and more.

These are the people who have been (and still are) the keys to the success of Global Intelligence Consultants. With their help, our company has become one of the best in terms of personal protection, computer and phone forensics, local and global investigations, and more, and we can give clients the assurance that their safety and security are in good hands. To learn more about our leaders, or to get more information on the solutions that we offer, feel free to give us a call.