Global Intelligence Consultants Receives 2022 Best of Clayton Award

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Before going into the topic of the award, it’s important to know more about the reasoning behind it and to collect more information about how vital private investigation is. When we think about the career of a private investigator, words like excitement, action, and thrill spring to mind. People have long admired and been intrigued by the work of private investigators, and we should make sure that these Investigators get some recognition for their daring work.

First, let’s discuss more about what private investigation entails. There are several areas in which private investigation can be provided, some of which are:

Our private investigators are trained experts, all of whom are individual specialists in their respective disciplines. The duties of a private investigator include, but are not limited to, conducting surveillance, finding reliable and relevant information, and collecting evidence.


3 Benefits to Hiring a Private Investigator


1. Professionalism and discretion

A private investigator will be highly discrete if you employ them. They recognize the value of keeping your information confidential and will take all reasonable measures to secure it.

2. Time-saving Assistance

Working with a private investigator can also help you save time and money. Acquiring all the evidence required to investigate a crime can take weeks or even months. However, when you deal with an investigative service, they can quickly assist you in obtaining the necessary proof.

3. Background investigations

Background checks help you inspect potential employees and learn more about what they can do for your company (and what to avoid). You can also make use of background checks to ensure that there are no irregularities in a company’s record you’re planning to associate with. This helps guarantee that the partnership is with a respectable business without a history of fraud or any other instances that might affect the image of your company. A private investigator can help you prevent all of these instances effortlessly.

About the Clayton Award Program

The Clayton Award Program recognizes businesses every year in the local community and business categories that have excelled in marketing. These are local businesses that improve the favorable perception of small businesses by providing excellent customer and community service. The Clayton region is a terrific location to live, work, and play, thanks partly to these outstanding businesses.

Information, both internally and externally sourced, including statistics supplied by third parties, was acquired and examined to select the winners in each category. The 2022 Clayton Award Program has an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Why Global Intelligence Consultants Got the Award

Global Intelligence Consultants Inc. is a wholly integrated investigating agency with an entire turn-key operation that offers the most thorough and specialized investigative service possible on a local, national, and worldwide level to our corporate, insurance, legal, and retail clients.

The Clayton Award Program has picked Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. for the 2022 Best of Clayton Award in the Private Investigator category because our company stands out from the competition. This is because of our unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality investigative services available, effective customer service, and our desire to always go above and beyond to seek an effective response to any given challenge.

Our staff includes security specialists exclusive to Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc., with plenty of security experience and a top level of professionalism, apart from their knowledge in specific areas, which is what we recommend to look for if you want to deal with a particular issue. We have affiliate offices worldwide and are licensed to attend to what you need, wherever you are. You can be confident that you are working with some of the most significant security experts in the business, whether we are conducting one-time background checks for your company or offering any of our other services.

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