Hiring a Qualified Private Investigator for Local, National, or International Investigations

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In a civil case, two private persons who dispute a matter about their constitutional rights will be the parties. When legal disputes arise, each party must adequately prepare to defend its position, whether going to trial or attempting an out-of-court settlement. Civil cases involve two parties who failed to perform an agreement, service, or uphold their legal obligations. The evidence needed for a civil trial is discovered and gathered during civil investigations; for that, we need the help of civil investigators.

Common Types of Civil Investigations

Civil investigations occur in a variety of forms, but some of the most typical ones are as follows:

  1. Civil litigation investigations.
  2. Investigations into employees’ compensation.
  3. Missing person inquiries.
  4. Investigations into the custody of children and abuse
  5. Investigations into marital conflicts.

The top 4 recommendations for engaging a private investigator for regional, overseas, or global investigations

Expertise in their area – it is pretty easy to look up anything on the internet these days, even when you’re looking to hire a private investigator or an agency dedicated to it. However, while a lot of these sites may claim to be able to perform everything you ask them to, they may be limited to only one investigator. This means that, most likely, work will be delayed, they will not be able to finish the work requested efficiently, and you won’t feel like you’re getting the help you need. It is best to look for companies with multiple investigators with individual skills specifically relevant to your concerns. We have found that these types of companies or firms, even though there are few and far between, always provide the best service. If they are a reputable firm, they will let you know if they cannot do as requested.

  1. Licensing and Insurance – It is crucial to choosing an investigator. You are required to work with a licensed and insured private investigator. Consider looking into the agency itself. A licensed agency is typically a hallmark of a trustworthy organization. If a license is necessary for the state where the project is being conducted, it must be obtained before employing an investigator for a project located outside the country. A credible agency typically has affiliates in most states that demand licenses who have collaborated with that particular agency on past cases.
  2. Experience – A private investigator’s experience level will reveal two things: a) the experience they can bring to your case and b) their efficiency and professionalism. When speaking with a particular investigator, you may ask what inspired them to choose the profession. Some investigators have prior experience in law enforcement, security, or the military. Asking these pointed questions is perfectly acceptable since you have to put a lot of faith in the investigator who takes on your case. Most businesses list services like executive protection and international investigations on their websites. Still, when you inquire about their qualifications and expertise, you typically receive responses that need clarification. You could want to check their passports to see whether they have any “foreign experience” at all. Thanks to this, you will have unequivocal proof of their “out of country” experience level. One could presume that the investigator has never left the country for any assignments they “claim” to have completed if they refuse to show their passport.
  3. References & Testimonials – You should conduct independent research before hiring a private investigator. Look up the private investigator online. Investigative work is, of course, covert. Therefore, it’s okay if you see little. Request a list of three-four references from your private investigator who were previously their customers. Make sure to inquire about the private investigator’s professionalism, work ethic, and outcomes.

If you need help with a civil investigation and need to engage a civil investigator, our team at Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. can provide you with a range of investigative support. Working with legal teams, overseeing surveillance, compiling and analyzing research findings and evidence, and many other things are among our abilities and experiences. Contact us today!