Efrat K. Cohen-Barbieri and Michael Barbieri

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April 6, 2022

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Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc.

Efrat K. Cohen-Barbieri and Michael Barbieri


As one of the top investigative firms in St. Louis, Global Intelligence Consultants’ success is not simply due to its size. It was voted the best investigative firm by the Florida Law Society, and the team always focuses on delivering immediate results with professionalism and integrity. Global Intelligence Consultants provides full-service investigations, including special process service, domestic investigations, background checks, corporate intelligence, risk, and threat assessments for both domestic and international properties, and management and executive security solutions for corporate and private individuals. Efrat K. Cohen Barbieri and Michael Barbieri, Ph.D., bring a unique combination of talents to the investigative field with more than five decades of combined experience.

Barbieri has more than 35 years of experience in both law enforcement and protection. A graduate of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Police Academy, he has worked with and consulted for federal law enforcement agencies both in the U.S. and abroad. His expertise is sought after by governmental agencies and corporations throughout the world. He has covered workers compensation cases, corporate and domestic investigations, and threat assessments as well as executive protection and the extraction of U.S. citizens in foreign countries. “I’ve worked on cases in 20 countries and solved six cold case murders, two of which were international cases,” he notes. “I bring that experience to Global Intelligence Consultants.”

It was while working on an international investigation in Istanbul, Turkey, that Barbieri was referred to consult with Cohen-Barbieri when the assignment brought him to Florida. “Efrat was recommended to me by a friend I had worked with for 18 years,” he says. “In Florida, she assisted me with the case for six months, and we realized we worked well together.” Cohen-Barbieri studied at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, which provides her a unique insight into the investigative field. She started her career as a state court appointed investigator, allowing her to conduct undercover investigations and surveillance both nationally and internationally. She brought her expertise to Global Intelligence Consultants to take on the management and direction of surveillance operations, including the deployment of covert and undercover operations. “Efrat has a perspective that most male investigators do not,” Barbieri says. “It’s a very male dominated field, and she looks at each case differently, noticing things that I may have overlooked. Having both perspectives works well for our clients.”

As well as her surveillance expertise, Cohen-Barbieri has worked in computer forensics, giving her the skills necessary to utilize public access database systems and social networking facilities during investigations. She is a licensed investigator in Florida, New York and Missouri, and Barbieri is licensed in Missouri. Their combined experience makes Global Intelligence Consultants a leader in the investigative field and allows clients to have peace of mind knowing that their case is in the most capable hands—whether its local, national or international. “Mike and I complement each other and bring our unique perspectives and skill sets to every case,” Cohen-Barbieri says. “When we combine our knowledge, we’re looking for the best possible outcome for our clients. For us, every case is a personal matter.”

“Our team delivers results with professionalism and integrity of the highest quality.”