Reasons For Investing In A Professional Background Check

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There are many situations and circumstances in which it’s advisable for you to consider having a professional background search performed. Some are obvious, but others may not have occurred to you.

An employment background check is quick and inexpensive. It enables an employer or human resources department to discover the truth about someone, thereby taking the guesswork out of a business’s hiring process. Just as important, it fulfills the employer’s duty to protect shareholders, stakeholders, clients, customers and co-workers.

A company is like a person, in that it has a background of its own. So a due diligence background search may be called for in cases where an investment is being considered in some type of project or venture. The reasoning is simple. It’s a way of protecting both the investment and the investors and mitigating exposure to claims of negligence.

Consider a case in which litigation is likely. Global Intelligence Consultants may be called upon by an attorney to seek evidence that undermines an opponent’s credibility and the testimony he or she might provide. In a criminal case, the defense attorney can hire a detective to complete a background check on accusers or witnesses to determine whether their histories will impeach testimony they’ll be giving.

When young people or children are involved, it’s essential to conduct a background check of their caregivers as well as any neighborhood environment that arouses your suspicion. We’re also being asked more often to investigate the soon-to-be spouses of people considering marriage. As licensed private investigators, we’re seeing too many “internet romances” lead to heartbreak and worse because someone failed to hire a detective who could have determined whether the other person was legitimate.

At Global Intelligence Consultants, our investigative team has over 60 years of combined experience. In case you need more than just a background check, we’re a full-service, licensed private detective agency. Tell us in total confidence about your concerns, and we’ll focus on what you care about the most. Then, you’ll receive detailed reports and evaluations of our findings.