Efrat Cohen, Private Investigator Discusses Internet Dangers

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Efrat was invited to speak to the teens at Inspirations Youth about the pros and cons of using social media as well as the effects of cyber bullying among teens.

During the presentation, Efrat introduced the concept of your unique , online fingerprint and how all online activity such as posts, likes, reblogs and etc. can be traced back to us, even if it has been “deleted”. Additionally, Efrat discussed how online background checks were initiated by simply entering a search for your name or address and that how a profile can be created from information acquired from your online presence and habits. This introduced the dangers of sexual predators and an example of an adult interacting with a minor in a harmful manner on Facebook and the repercussions that he faced by engaging in this communication. Tips to stay safe from predators were included as well as signs to identify one.

Efrat continues to explain how social media crosses over into real life experiences including job seeking, college application process, and more. Efrat final advice includes ways to be smart online, as mistakes online can greatly impact your life.

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What Does a Private Detective Do?

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