‘Oath Keepers’ Spotted Carrying Guns, Walking Along Ferguson Streets

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A group of men who call themselves “Oath Keepers” returned to Ferguson Monday night. The Oath Keepers claim they are in Ferguson to protect property and people.

Specifically, the Oath Keepers surround a website news crew.

“Info Wars are here, they are documenting the activities and we are here to keep them safe,” said an Oath Keeper named John.

The group was seen walking down West Florissant with guns during the overnight hours, claiming they are all about protection.

“The question is, do you need more guys walking around with weapons strapped across their chest?” said Mike Barbieri, who has 25 years of experience working security detail across the world. Barbieri said most of the security work he has done is covert and does not use a show of force. “When you have a show of force and you walk around with bulletproof vests, AR-15s, ammunition strapped to your chest, what you do then is attract more attention than you probably need to attract.”

The Oath Keepers say they have a right to be in Ferguson and they are “all about the constitution.”

The men first appeared in Ferguson and stood guard at businesses along West Florissant in 2014. Last year, the group was told they were violating a city ordinance because they are not licensed guards.

News 4 spoke to St. Louis County Police and St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office, who said they are looking at the legality of the Oath Keepers being in Ferguson. County Police Chief John Belmar said their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory.