Cheaters Without Borders: How Private Investigators Catch Wayward Spouses Abroad

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Many cheating spouses think they’re being clever by taking their affair partners on overseas trips to places where no one recognizes them, and they can be free to be themselves. Others, meanwhile, use business trips and other company-planned events to find lovers abroad and engage in flings without anyone knowing. In both scenarios, it might seem impossible to collect evidence of cheating, especially for people who don’t have the time and money to follow their spouses around. However, they can take some control over what’s happening by hiring private detectives who specialize in global investigations.

With their training and experience, these detectives know the right tools and techniques to gather information about cheating wives and husbands — regardless of where they are in the world. We’ve listed below some of the methods that private detectives use to conduct global investigations and catch unfaithful spouses while they’re abroad:

Static Surveillance

You may have an idea of where your spouse and their affair partner often meet. Or maybe you were able to see the email confirmation of their hotel booking and know the exact address of their love nest. Either way, your private detective will conduct static surveillance on your behalf. This involves staking out at a specific location (either continuously or during specific dates and times) to collect evidence and provide a full report that includes timelines, vehicle information, and high-resolution photos and videos.

Mobile Surveillance

This is one of the critical components of global investigations since it allows detectives to get a complete picture of what the cheating spouse and their affair partner are doing during their overseas tryst. Mobile surveillance involves following the unfaithful partner wherever they go, regardless of the method of transport they’re using. This allows private investigators to keep a close eye on the cheating spouse, map out the places they visit with their affair partner, and collect photo and video evidence along the way.

Online Surveillance

The ubiquity of social media and the rise of dating apps and websites have made it easier for people to find people to have an affair with or at least engage in emotional cheating, which can, unfortunately, turn into a physical relationship for many. Fortunately, private detectives are fully trained to analyze people’s online habits and behavior and use specialized tools to collect information on unfaithful spouses. Professional investigators also have access to exclusive databases that allow them to dig up more details and provide in-depth information to their clients.

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