Private Investigations Provide Valuable Input on Criminal Cases

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June 1, 2022

Original Article: Private investigations provide valuable input on criminal cases

In complex criminal cases, the assistance of a private investigations’ agency may prove to be the tipping point that solves the case.

With offices in Missouri and Florida, Global Intelligence Consultants offers valuable input in all types of criminal investigations, from cold case murders, missing persons, and kidnappings to rape, armed robbery and espionage.

“The evidentiary information we look for is directly related to the type of investigation we’re involved in,” says Michael Barbieri, executive consultant with Global Intelligence Consultants. “For a murder investigation, we may be looking for blood splatter and dispensed cartridge shells, along with canvassing the area for witnesses who might have seen anything.”

Criminal cases represent about 30% of the GIC docket, along with civil, corporate, and other types of investigations. Although privacy policies prevent Barbieri from revealing names, he says his company works with a variety of clients, including private families, public and private companies, police departments and government agencies. “In working with foreign countries, we can do some things government agencies can’t do to expedite the return of the people who have committed crimes,” he says.

“When we work with police departments, we’re usually brought in at the request of a family,” Barbieri explains. “There may be an issue with regards to the length of time it’s taking the department to solve the case, or the family may be concerned about not being kept fully informed. We can assign two to four seasoned investigators to a case and that’s all they work on until it reaches fruition.”

Thanks to its dedicated staff and resources, Barbieri says Global Intelligence Consultants are able to solve approximately 95% of the criminal cases the company takes on.

“With the remaining 5%, we keep working until we just don’t think we’ll be able to find anything else, then we give the family the option of whether or not they want us to keep going,” he says.

 Any material discovered during a criminal investigation can be used as evidence in court proceedings to bring perpetrators to justice. A six-month fraud investigation by Global Intelligence Consultants helped to locate individuals who stole $15 million from companies and individuals. The federal government was on the job for seven years. In addition, GIC investigators were also able to solve a cold case murder investigation in Missouri in seven weeks’ time.

“A criminal case is like solving a puzzle,” Barbieri says. “You just keep piecing things together until you come up with a satisfying result.”

With offices in Clayton, Missouri, and Boca Raton, Florida, Global Intelligence Consultants provides high-level comprehensive investigations and executive protection for corporate, insurance, legal, retail and private clients. For more information, call 888-714-9411 or visit