Top 5 Reasons to Perform an Employee Background Check

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When you own a business, you have to be sure that the people you hire are of good character and are not a risk to your business. An employee background check is an incredibly important part of onboarding, but it can often be overlooked. Some businesses would even ignore it completely, thinking it’s just additional work or expense.

But the truth is, a people background check is a necessary process for any business. Here are the top five reasons why you should not skimp on it.

1. Ensure the safety of your business and customers

By conducting an employee background check, you are actively preventing any potential risk that might negatively affect your business. It helps you identify threats that new hires could bring, such as a history of theft or fraud, drug and alcohol abuse, or violent behavior.

This spreads an excellent message to your existing employees and your customers that you’re committed to providing a safe and secure environment for them.

2. Verify the accuracy of employee resumes

You want to ensure that your job candidates are honest about their qualifications and experience before hiring them, and an employee background check can help you do that. In a way, it allows you to verify the accuracy of their resumes by determining if they have exaggerated or falsified details and information. All of these things could lead to severe problems for your business in the future.

3. Reduce employee turnover rate

When you hire someone who fits well with your company culture every time, there’s a higher chance that competent employees will stay longer.

A personal background check can provide invaluable insights into potential hires’ personalities and work histories, helping ensure they are the right fit for your organization. This prevents them from leaving your company in short periods of time.

4. Minimize legal risks for your business

Without conducting a background check, it can be hard to determine if an employee has any legal issues that could affect your business in the future

For instance, if a potential employee has been previously accused of a crime—even if they are innocent—hiring them could later put your company at risk. And it would help to at least know what they had been accused of. Also, employee background checks can help you identify anyone who also may have a history of filing employee claims or lawsuits.

5. Comply with existing employment laws and regulations

Finally, employee background checks help you comply with employment laws and regulations. Depending on the industry or sector you operate in, certain rules may require these processes before hiring. Not following these guidelines can lead to hefty fines or worse.

So, you should always include a thorough employee background check as part of your onboarding procedure. This way, your company will stay updated with any new changes in such laws and comply with all legal requirements.

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As you can see from the five reasons above, conducting an employee background check is necessary to maintain the integrity of your business and to ensure that you hire only trustworthy people who would benefit your organization’s long-term success.

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