7 Secrets to Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad

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Just the thought of going on a vacation and seeing new places is enough to excite anyone. Traveling means you’ll get to see and experience new colorful cultures, different kinds of people, amazing cuisine and art, and of course just the thrill of being somewhere “new”. But embarking on an adventure also exposes you to unsafe situations in unfamiliar territories. So, we’re bringing in these top 7 things to do to make sure that you stay safe when traveling to a foreign country.

  1. Avoid taking alcoholic drinks from anyone. This seems obvious but you have to remember that tourists are the prime target of robbers, scam artists, and even human traffickers. It’s really best if you don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know, especially alcoholic beverages. Many people have fallen prey to human traffickers simply by accepting free drinks, so don’t be a victim. If you suspect someone, you can hire a private detective to look over what happened and get you the information you’re looking for.
  2. Tell your family or friends where you’re staying. As soon as you’ve landed, assuming that you already pre-booked your hotel accommodation, tell your family straight away where you’re staying. It’s important that people back home know where to contact you and know about your itinerary. On the other hand, try to refrain from posting too many photos on social media and especially real-time updates about where you’re going or where you are. Scammers these days use Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to find people to take advantage of. You could also hire a private detective so that they can inform your family on everything that’s happening with you.
  3. Hire personal security services. There’s nothing wrong with ensuring your safety by having your own personal security services when you’re traveling to a foreign country. This will help you rest comfortably at night knowing that you have someone to protect you and keep you from threats like robbers, scam and con artists, and kidnappers. This seems like an exaggeration but when it comes to your safety, you really want the best for your personal security.
  4. Apply for travel insurance. What’s great about insurance is that it’s got your back during a travel crisis. Whether it’s a cancelled connecting flight, a fully booked hotel, lost baggage, delayed flight, or lost passports and travel documents, you’ll be able to travel with a light heart knowing that you’ve got insurance.
  5. Keep your money in more than one location. In the event that you lose some cash or happen to leave your wallet at a museum or restaurant, you’ll still have cash to get you by. Also remember to keep your credit cards with you when you go exploring and not leave it at the hotel.
  6. Use sturdy or antitheft backpacks. In some cities, a lot of tourists fall victim to pickpocketing. Sometimes they use sharp knives to cut through bags and purses. Some scammers befriend you and distract you while their colleague steals your phone or wallet. This is one of the reasons personal security services is a good idea when traveling abroad.
  7. Go ahead and book group tours. It’s much more fun exploring the city and the different sites when you’re with a group. Of course, this is a personal choice so it’s really up to you.  Don’t be afraid to make new friends during your vacation. Just make sure that they’re not involved in anything illegal by having a personal background check done on them or having a private detective do some research on them first.

Always trust your instincts. If something feels unsafe, stop whatever it is you’re doing and head immediately to the nearest police station in the area. An adventure is a great experience but not at the cost of your own safety. Always stay alert, enjoy the sites, and have a wonderful vacation.

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