Hiring PI Services: What to Look for in a Private Investigator

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Many of us go through life without needing a private investigator (PI). However, if you are someone who owns a large-scale business or holds a high-level position, PI services might be something you need to consider.

However, choosing someone to be your PI is not a walk in the park. You need to make sure the person you hire has the necessary skills to get the job done properly.

Here are seven essential qualities you must look for when vetting the best candidates for your needs.

✓ Qualified

First and foremost, the PI services you hire should have the rudimentary qualifications and certifications necessary for the job. Typically, they should be licensed as a professional certified investigator (PCI) or a registered PI with the state you are in.

So, how do you know if the service you are hiring is legitimately qualified? Well, you can conduct a background check yourself by gathering information from their website or by inquiring about their license or certification during your interview.

✓ Experienced

Needless to say, the best PI services are those who have several years of experience working with prominent clients.

For example, an investigator who has a portfolio of clients from different industries and relevant experiences in areas such as surveillance and skip tracing is ideal for you. They should have all the necessary resources to get the job done efficiently.

✓ Discrete

Discretion is another essential quality that an investigator should possess. They need to be able to keep all information related to your case confidential and secure, so you can trust them with sensitive data, such as financial documents or records of phone calls.

In a nutshell, they must ensure that their investigations remain private and that the outcomes are only shared with you as their client.

✓ Has Good Personality Traits

The PI you hire should possess ingenuity and passion for their work, which are qualities that make them reliable. They should also be thorough and meticulous in conducting their investigations. On top of that, they must have an analytical mind, good communication skills, and a solid understanding of local laws and regulations.

✓ Insured

Private investigation is a job that comes with its own risks, so it is crucial to find PI services that have insurance coverage. This way, you will not be held liable if something goes wrong during their investigation.

So, during your interviews, you might want to bring the topic of insurance up and ask for proof of coverage.

✓ Has a Good Track Record of Success

It is not enough that an investigator has served multiple clients for several years. It is still important to see the results of their previous cases.

So, ask for references from the PI services you are considering and contact them to get an idea of how successful they were in their investigations.

✓ Reasonable Fees

Of course, you should hire an investigator whose rates are within your budget. However, always remember this service pays for itself, as you would be getting the best results possible.

The best private investigators should be able to explain their rates and fees in detail so you know exactly how much money you are paying for the job.

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