What Does a Private Detective Do?

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Many people have a general idea of what a private detective does due to books, movies, and TV programs. However, it’s essential to know that most films and shows only scratch the surface of the tasks that private investigators can tackle! These experts have the skills to perform a wide range of tasks and provide a long list of services, making them highly valuable in numerous situations.

What Private Detectives Can Do for You

Private detectives assist their clients in personal matters. You can hire a detective if you suspect that your spouse is cheating or doing other things that are damaging your relationship. You can use the results of their investigations during your divorce proceedings. With their help, you’ll get to prove you were wronged and get what’s rightfully yours regarding alimony, child support, property settlement, and more. Even if you’re not yet married, you can hire a private investigator to collect information that you can use to decide whether you’ll proceed with the relationship or fully break things off with your partner.

Of course, private detectives don’t just assist with relationship matters. They also have the skills to work on missing person cases, and they can help you locate loved ones who might have been kidnapped or even those who moved far away due to interpersonal differences.

Private detectives also offer their services to businesses and corporations. They can perform background checks on job applicants, existing employees, and potential business partners. They can also provide corporate intelligence that companies can use to determine how they can stand out from competitors. You can also hire private detectives to help you investigate workplace injuries and prevent or even uncover insurance fraud.

How Private Detectives Do Their Job

The main goal of private detectives is to gather information that is useful for their clients and relevant to the case, and they have a wide range of methods to accomplish this goal. These include conducting interviews with witnesses and experts as well as accessing databases that provide crucial info on the subject. Your private detective can also perform surveillance, which includes trailing the subject from one location to another, mapping their routes, and taking photos and videos that will provide evidence of their goings-on.

Modern detectives also have the skills and training to perform computer and smartphone forensics. This allows them to access messages, phone call logs, photo and video galleries, and other information in the devices at hand and extract all relevant information they may contain.

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