Will Evidence Collected by a Private Investigator Be Useful in Court?

by | Sep 26, 2022 | All, Featured | 0 comments

Private investigators are individuals who can help you with a wide range of investigative services like locating mission individuals, doing background checks, conducting asset searches, and gathering evidence. Since law enforcement handles hundreds of other cases, hiring a private detective will allow you to do your own investigation and gather evidence that would help you win a case.

But the common question is: can you use evidence from PI services in court? The answer is yes, but with a few rules:

  • Evidence gathered by a private detective is only admissible in court if it was legally collected. This usually means that photos should be taken and conversations should be heard and recorded by the investigator while an individual is in a public place.
  • The court will not honor any evidence gathered in a way that somehow broke the law. For instance, while it’s okay to record a person talking about incriminating activities while in a public place, any recordings done through the use of a planted microphone or a listening device that has been placed in a private residence will not be accepted in court because it breaks the individual’s right to privacy.
  • PI services can legally gather evidence to be submitted in court. Testimonial evidence is the most common since it’s spoken or written evidence given willingly by a witness under oath. Documentary evidence is any document related to the case that has been produced as an original or copy to be submitted and presented in the courtroom. Of course, there’s physical evidence, which is any object that can be used as part of the evidence to prove a case. It can be a set of fingerprints on the crime scene, any personal object from the suspect, or a firearm. This type of evidence can be shown as the actual physical object or through images and videos.
  • The best private investigators take great care in gathering evidence because anything produced through illegal means will affect their credibility and their future in providing PI services to clients. This is why it’s imperative to find a private detective with a clean track record in gathering evidence that has helped solve cases or prove suspects innocent before.

Hiring a private detective can give you a huge advantage when you’re going through a court battle. These professionals have been trained to see what we don’t usually see or notice. They have a keen eye for evidence and will do everything in their power to help you find documents, witnesses, and objects that will give you a stronger case in court. So, whether you’re the defendant or accused, you should consider hiring Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc as a private investigator who will help you get the best chance at winning your case. Contact us today!