Should You Do a Personal Background Check on Yourself? Powerful Reasons You Should

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Conducting background checks is an essential procedure employers use to screen potential applicants. In a way, it provides them with pertinent information about a person before they make a recruitment decision.

However, these investigations are not just limited to employers. You can also use a personal background check to your advantage when looking for employment. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify any red flags that could potentially hurt your chances of getting hired.

Here are five reasons why you should conduct a background check on yourself:

1. It reveals any criminal activities associated with you.

No matter how careful you are with your life, it’s possible that you may still have an indictable offense that you may not be aware of. A personal background check can help you determine if this is the case.

It will allow you to find out any complaint against you, what kind of offense was committed when it occurred, and if there are any liabilities you must compensate. By being aware of any criminal activities associated with you, you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and clear your name.

2. It allows you to find any wrong information about yourself.

A personal background check can help identify any inaccurate information or discrepancies regarding your personal records in the public domain. Such inaccuracies may be caused by identity theft by cybercriminals or errors made by government officials while creating your personal documents, like your passport or driver’s license.

In case you find some irregularities in your background report, you can then address them.

3. It verifies the details in your Curriculum Vitae.

By performing a personal background check, you can ensure that the information in your Curriculum is correct, verifiable, and up-to-date.

For example, you may have overlooked that the start and end dates of your previous employment are incorrect. Or, you may have forgotten your actual job title.

Having accurate details in your CV is extremely valuable when it comes to job applications, as it gives potential employers a sense of confidence regarding your personal records. Not only that, but any false information you provide could lead to an embarrassing situation during your interviews.

4. It provides insights into your financial history.

Depending on the type of job you want to have, your financial history could be one of the significant factors employers consider. They need to know if you’re able to manage your personal finances responsibly, as it reflects upon your personal character and decision-making ability.

Now, through a personal background check, you can provide employers with valuable information regarding your financial past. This includes payment of taxes and insurance, the status of loans and debts you currently have, and investments you made throughout the years.

5. It helps you identify opportunities for personal growth.

Last but not least, a background check can also help you identify personal growth opportunities. By discovering discrepancies in your personal details, financial history, or criminal records, you may be able to improve these areas and turn them into strengths.

This could be something as simple as attending additional classes for personal development or taking up a course that would broaden your knowledge base. These activities will give you an edge over other candidates, increasing your chances of landing a first-rate job.

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